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By Shayna Schertz, wellness education specialist, Office of Population Health

Whether you enjoy winter or dread every bit of it, it will be here for as long as Mother Nature decides. Rather than run from the season, why not learn to embrace it?

  1. Get moving: Not only will exercise warm you up allowing you to escape the cold for a bit, it also releases the "feel good chemicals" in the brain to help improve your mood.
  2. Eat for happiness: Eating a diet full of healthy, wholesome foods will increase your energy levels and give your mood a boost.
  3. Sunshine the blues away: Getting sunlight doesn't have to include bundling up to head outside. Try opening the blinds and sitting next to the window.
  4. Long lived days: Don't let the shorter days force you to hunker down. Power through and get out of the house to run errands or keep busy by doing projects around the house.
  5. Friend power: Socializing is a great way to boost your mood. Plan a couple of fun outings a week; anything from dinner, shopping to a movie night.
  6. Think positively: Just remember, from the day winter arrives the days start getting longer!
  7. Dress the part: Be sure to dress warmly during the cold months. Being cold can zap your energy, so bundle up and stay warm.
  8. Vacation: If you have the means, escaping the cold is a great option. Choose a destination that is warm, allowing you to forget about the snow, at least for a few days.

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