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Our relationships with others are what enrich our lives. Take time to show the people how much you appreciate them and how much they matter.

Boost morale by celebrating success. It's quite possible people don't feel appreciated for the things they're expected to do, so why should they go the extra mile? Acknowledge the work they put into their daily routine.

Use appreciation as a motivational tool. Acknowledge efforts, no matter how small to help motivate others. This is especially effective with low performers.

Publicly acknowledge individual contributors. Acknowledging people in front of their peers does two things. It gives recognition to those doing what's expected and it nudges those needing to change their behavior.

Looking for simple way to show appreciation each day? Try these:

  1. A heart felt thank-you note/card
  2. Gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop
  3. Fresh baking for an early morning meeting
  4. Lend a hand when a friend or family member is painting or remodeling their home
  5. Cook a meal so they don't have to after a long day at work
  6. Frame one of their favorite pictures
  7. Watch your niece or nephew for an afternoon to give their parents some time off
  8. Give a hug. Yes it can be that simple
  9. Tell them what you think they are particularly great at
  10. Write notes to leave on a pillow, a computer keyboard, or in a lunch box

Remember, appreciation is powerful!

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