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At some point in our lives, birthday milestones have new meanings. Turning 55 doesn't bring the same excitement as celebrating 18, but there's a lot to look forward to. Your golden years are ahead. We sometimes forget to embrace aging. We don't hold tight to what it really means to grow older. There are things you can do to think positively about aging and to truly own your age.

Change your mindset

Growing older is a good thing. It's a privilege, not a given. Instead of focusing on your age and what you can't do, focus on how much you've learned and what you can still do. It's all in your attitude. Don't let a number fool you into thinking there's a limit on what you can do and enjoy.


Staying young at heart is physically beneficial. Having fun, laughing at your mistakes and staying lighthearted can keep your heart "young." According to studies, laugher lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and improves immunity.


We lose muscle strength and tone, flexibility and balance as we age. Exercising regularly by strength training (using light hand weights or resistance bands) and weight bearing exercise (such as walking, biking or dancing) can improve cholesterol levels, increase muscle mass and improve immunity. It's never too late to start.

Embrace the new

Our bodies change as we age. Maybe you find yourself waking up with sore joints or notice a new wrinkle. It's easy to get frustrated by the side effects of aging. Embrace them. This can be a personally empowering time to connect with these changes.

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