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When you are busy running between sporting practices and the big game, it can be difficult to eat well. It may take a little effort to keep your eating on track at these events, but it is well worth it. You will feel better and have extra energy by making healthier choices and being mindful of portions.

  • Don't go into the game starving. While it may seem tempting to "bank" calories all day to save room for the pre-game spread, this strategy almost always will backfire. Ultimately you will end up starving, eating too much too quickly, and feeling stuffed as a result. Start your day as you normally would, eating balanced structured meals on a regular basis.
  • Bring balanced options. Pick up a fresh veggie tray and serve with salsa, guacamole or hummus. Serve fresh fruit alongside, with some healthy protein choices like cheese and crackers, kabobs, hummus or three-bean salad.
  • Enjoy in moderation. Have a piece of your favorite dessert, instead of sampling all the choices, or splurge on your favorite tailgate treat in a moderate portion size. Be aware of your own fullness level and make an effort to stop before you become overly full. Nobody likes to feel stuffed, and you will enjoy the rest of your event more if you are comfortable.

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