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Want to become a plant mom?

Here is what you need to know…

Growing your own produce can be easy and satisfying. All it takes is a little space and a bit of time and effort to yield big (and delicious) results. The start of spring, after the last frost has passed, is the ideal time to get started. But if you want to start now, try herbs in pots or do a little research on what can still be planted in your region.

  • Pick a location. You'll want a spot that gets a good dose of sunshine each day.
  • Choose a container or a raised bed. If you have space constraints, a container may work best. If you have a bit more room, consider building a raised bed.
  • Prepare the soil. For an in-ground garden, you may need to till the soil or add fertilizers to make the soil just right for your plants. For containers and raised beds, consider using potting soil from a plant nursery.
  • Select the plants. For smaller gardens, avoid "space hogs" like yellow squash, corn, pumpkins or beans. Good ideas for smaller gardens are carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes and peppers.
  • Plant and watch. With consistent watering and an eye for weeds, insects and animal activity, you'll be enjoying the fruits – and vegetables – of your labor soon!
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