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Programs offer support for those looking at quitting tobacco. For more information contact the Office of Population Health, (608) 775-5442, or (800) 362-9567, ext. 55442. or email [email protected].

What's New!

Gundersen has recently partnered with The 7C's Health Initiative which serves 7 counties in Wisconsin (La Crosse, Buffalo, Trempealeau, Monroe, Vernon, Jackson and Crawford). We have the opportunity to provide education and awareness about the health concerns of smokeless tobacco and Other Tobacco Products (OTP). Here is an example of a display that was shared at the La Crosse and Onalaska Gundersen locations. Information on this topic will be traveling to some Gundersen Regional Clinics including Prairie du Chien and Viroqua.

For more information, please visit: Tobacco is Changing.

You Can Quit!

If you have tried to quit and struggled, or if you know someone who has tried to quit and cannot, this program can help you move toward becoming tobacco and nicotine-free. This free informational and motivational program will help you plan your journey to becoming nicotine-free. To schedule a session, call (608) 775-5442.

Call it Quits

Don't light up! Log on! Join Gundersen Call it Quits support group on Facebook and you will find mutual support from others who are trying or have already quit using tobacco and nicotine. You'll also discover helpful tips, strategies, information on cessation products and classes from Gundersen's certified cessation experts. Share what works for you and help your new Facebook friends, on Call it Quits. Simply search for Gundersen Call it Quits to join this monitored, closed online community.

Getting You Started to Stop

Four weekly educational sessions will help participants develop a quit plan and gain insight on the products and resources available to assist them with the quitting process and tobacco/nicotine cessation. The one hour sessions are designed to help participants learn strategies and approaches to living a tobacco and nicotine-free life. The cost is $45 for the program which does not include medication costs. To schedule your one-on-one sessions contact (608) 775-5442.

First Breath

Gundersen is a trained First Breath site. First Breath is a smoking cessation program for pregnant women who live in Wisconsin. Talk to your physician or provider about First Breath.

Gundersen Resources

If you do not have a personal healthcare provider you may contact us at (608) 775-5442, or (800) 362-9567, ext. 55442 to access further counseling, support, education, and/or resources to help you break your nicotine addiction. You may also want to consider additional resources to help you along your journey to becoming tobacco-free.

Other Resources

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