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If you have a friend or family member who recently had a baby, they're likely adjusting to their new family dynamic—a transition that looks a little different for many moms and dads amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some thoughtful, creative ways you can safely offer your support and show them you care, even if you can't be with them physically.

  1. Reach out by simply asking your friend or family member how you can help. Everyone has different needs and comfort levels, especially right now.
  2. Purchase a non-perishable gift and drop it in the mail or bring it to their home. Leave it outside for them in lieu of preparing them a meal.
  3. Send them a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants—even better if the restaurant delivers or offers curbside takeout.
  4. Help set up a cleaning service. Since you're probably not going into their home to help them with laundry, dishes or other household chores, this can provide some much-needed relief for families with a newborn.
  5. Send flowers or a house plant to say congratulations and brighten their day.
  6. Schedule a virtual visit or consider sitting outside together, socially distancing with 6 feet between each person.

Whatever you decide, be sure to run your idea past the parent/s first to make everyone feel more comfortable.

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