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Are you struggling to stay hydrated? Water is an essential component of your body and is vital to your health. Dehydration can lead to zapped energy levels, brain fog, increased fatigue, poor digestion and dry skin. Use these six tips to help you feel your best and consume more water daily.

Create routines. Get in the habit of drinking a tall glass of water when you wake up and before each meal. Then, have a small glass of water before bed. Adding these into your regular routine will help you get in the habit of drinking more water.

Remind yourself. Set a timer on your phone to notify you throughout the day to drink, drink, drink.

Gulp. Instead of grabbing a glass of water and sipping it, take five to 10 gulps every time you reach for water. You'll consume more water this way throughout the day than if you only drink small amounts at a time.

Love your water bottle. Buy a water bottle you like and carry it with you everywhere. Keep your bottle nearby when you're working, commuting or relaxing. Having easy access to water makes it more likely that you'll sip on it throughout the day.

Track it. Whether you prefer to use an application on your phone or a pen and paper, jot down the amount of water you drink each day. This will help you know if you're meeting your goals and hold you accountable. Another fun way to record how much water you're drinking? Carry rubber bands with you and when you finish your water bottle place a rubber band around it.

Add flavor. Adding sliced fruits, vegetables and herbs to your water is a great way to give it a bit of flavor without consuming extra sugar or sugar substitutes. Try mixing in a small handful of fresh raspberries and a bit of mint for a flavorful kick or add cucumber slices for a refreshing drink.

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