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  • Your freezer can aid in better health

    Your freezer can aid in better health

    It's natural to view cooking as one more thing to juggle. You may feel that you don't have time to cook and then rely on convenience foods too often; whether that be eating out, take-in, frozen and/or boxed foods. So, we've listed some ways you can use your freezer to aid in better health.

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  • Self-care tools

    Self-Care tools put you in control

    The face of healthcare is changing and so are we. More and more, patients are becoming active participants in their own health via increased self-awareness, diet, exercise and preventive care. In support of this trend, we are proud to offer you free, online self-care tools.

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  • Stop the Bleed training

    Stop the Bleed

    Would you know what to do in a bleeding emergency? Knowing what to do could save a life.

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Planning for a healthy 2019

Many people start the new year with good intentions to accomplish certain goals, only to then set their goals aside when life gets busy. If you struggled with accomplishing your goals in 2018, consider these tips to help you get started on making your plan for a healthier 2019.

Cozy up to winter comfort foods EAT

Cozy up to winter comfort foods

Soups, stews, chili, casseroles, and pasta are all favorites during the colder months. These recipes can traditionally be heavier, but luckily there are easy ways to increase their nutritional value.

30 minute meal recipes LIVE HAPPY

Why it's so hard to change your habits

If you don't want to be among the vast majority of people who let their well-intentioned resolutions fall by the wayside, here's some insight on why it's tough to change your habits – and what you can do to make it more likely you'll be successful.

Get a leg up on varicose veins REGION

Get a leg up on varicose veins

Varicose and spider veins may simply be an eyesore for some, but for many people varicose veins can cause achy or painful legs, blood clots, swelling, bleeding and open sores. Alexander Wade, MD, Gundersen Viroqua Clinic, is the only surgeon in the Viroqua area treating varicose veins.

Fall in love with your skin again

A special event offering a look inside Gundersen Dermatology in a relaxed, no-pressure setting. Mini presentations and Q&A with our board-certified dermatologists. Demonstrations of HaloTM – Hybrid Fractional Laser, Botox® & Filler, Plate Rich Plasma (PRP) and SkinPen Microneedling.

Adverse childhood experiences-(ACEs) NEWS

Adverse childhood experiences-(ACEs)

As a healthcare organization committed to Enriching Every Life, we have a responsibility to understand and address the impact of adverse childhood experiences within the context of patient experience and care across the lifespan. That's why Gundersen Health System has identified ACEs and trauma informed care (TIC) as a Population Health strategic priority in 2018.

Peanut butter banana protein shake recipe

A great healthy way to start your morning! Place all ingredients in a 16-ounce blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes, until all ingredients are blended together. Then enjoy!

Stuffed pita with cheesy scrambled eggs recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start it off right with this healthy, quick, and easy recipe. Cook scrambled eggs and sprinkle cheese on top. Place eggs within wheat pita pocket. Serve and enjoy!

Upcoming Events

  • Jan
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    The club helps survivors cope with stroke-related problems and lead more meaningful and productive lives.
  • Jan
    11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    Gundersen Health System hosts a Spinal Cord Injury Support Group for people of all ages and abilities whose lives have been impacted by a spinal cord injury.
  • Jan
    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    This daylong class combines Managing Your Labor, Essentials of Breastfeeding and Caring for Your Newborn into one session.
  • Jan
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    The Prostate Cancer Support Group provides a safe, confidential place for men to share challenges and experiences, and receive support throughout treatment.

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