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Proud of his team, Gundersen Tri-County CEO announces retirement

Proud of his team, Gundersen Tri-County CEO announces retirement
Monday, November 07, 2016

Brian Theiler has served in many roles and witnessed great change in his nearly 32 years with Gundersen Health System. What’s remained constant is his commitment to the people and communities Gundersen serves.

Theiler, chief executive officer (CEO) of Gundersen Tri-County Hospital and Clinics, will retire Dec. 30 with his wife, Martha, a patient representative in Gundersen Service Excellence.

"Given the many twists and turns of life, some of which we have little control, Martha and I have decided to make family our mission and retire together," Brian said in a message to Gundersen Tri-County staff.

"During his time at Gundersen, Tri-County, Theiler has become an integral member of the community," says Bryan Erdmann, vice president, Regional Services. "With his involvement in a variety of community activities, Brian has shared the great work and improvement that is occurring at Gundersen Tri-County. We will miss Brian, and we wish him and Martha a very happy retirement."

Prior to becoming CEO at Gundersen Tri-County, the Kiel, Wis., native worked as an Inpatient Psychiatric social worker, director of Teen Health Services, therapist and director in Gundersen Behavioral Health. He then became director for Gundersen Social Services, followed by a position in Regional Services administration.

"My time at Gundersen has been rewarding because of the people," Theiler says, "In my 32 years, hiring people with a passion for patient care and a professional respect has been the key. Many of those people still work at Gundersen in leadership roles."

"The past nine years as CEO of Gundersen Tri County have been the toughest but the most rewarding opportunity I have had," Theiler says. "Changing a culture and connecting with our communities has been wonderful journey. None of this was accomplished as an individual. It was a team effort. Besides all the managers, I have to recognize the Executive Leadership Team at Gundersen Tri County, along with our executive administrative assistant, without their support and dedication none of this would have been possible. "We’ve done great work to establish trust and commit ourselves to better health and well-being for Trempealeau County communities."

"Gundersen Tri-County is in a really good place and headed to an even better place," Theiler continues. "None of our success happened by chance. It happened because our team believed in the mission, especially during a period of change and growth."

A search is underway for Gundersen Tri-County CEO candidates. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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