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Gundersen, LHI Enlist in U.S. Army PaYS Program

Two of the La Crosse area's largest employers are stepping up to support Veterans looking for work after they serve our country.

Gundersen Health System and Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) are partners in the United States Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program, which guarantees Soldiers a job interview and possible employment once their Army commitment is complete. The PaYS program began in 2000 as an enlistment incentive for Regular Army enlisted Soldiers.  The program later expanded to include Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets and all Officers.

A database matches the needs of Gundersen and LHI with job skills offered by the Army and Army Reserve, and allows qualified PaYS participants to select organizations that best match their skills and experience. A similar database is available for those in the Army ROTC.

The Army carefully screens, selects, trains and provides hands-on experience to soldiers with many different skills. The PaYS program allows Gundersen and LHI access to this pool of job candidates that has the leadership skills and technical experience they seek, along with the highest professional standards.

"We work every day to improve the health and well-being of our community. Part of our mission is to be representative of the communities we serve through who we hire," says Scott Rathgaber, MD, chief executive officer, Gundersen Health System. "Army PaYS fits our mission – and benefits the thousands of patients and families we serve – by providing highly-skilled candidates for a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles at Gundersen. We thank Army Veterans for their service, and we are motivated to support them through this program."

"LHI not only serves our country's soldiers and Veterans through our government contracts, but as a company we are committed to supporting them in the workforce with a target of having 20% of our employees being Veterans or spouses of Veterans. Partnering with the Army PaYS program is a great way to help LHI reach this goal." Rob Betchley, CEO of Logistics Health Incorporated.

More than 550 organizations nationwide participate in the PaYS program, which boasts a pool of tens of thousands of Army-trained men and women ready to lend their skills to business, industry and public agencies.

"The U.S. Army Medical Department is excited to add Gundersen Health System and Logistics Health Inc. to its team of corporate/government agency partners in the Partnership for Youth Success program," says LTC Daniel M. Woodlock, Commander, 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion. "We are proud of our partnerships that enable our recruiters to offer applicants quality employment opportunities during and after their Army service."

About Army PaYS

PaYS is a strategic partnership program between the Army and a cross section of U.S. corporations and public sector agencies.  This is the first PaYS signing for the Army Medical Department in all of Wisconsin.

PaYS was developed to help the Army attract, train and deploy talented young people who want to serve their country, but also want to help secure their future success once their Army service is complete. 

Under terms of the agreement between U.S. Army Medical Recruiting Brigade and Gundersen Health System and Logistics Health Inc., healthcare professionals commissioning in the Army who are interested in gaining specific job training and qualifications will receive that training while in the U.S. Army.  As part of the commissioning process, recruits sign a statement of intent to work for Gundersen Health System or Logistics Health Inc., upon completion of their term of service or completion of their military training.  As they near the end of their contract, the Soldiers will have the opportunity to interview with Gundersen Health System or Logistics Health Inc. for a specific job at a specific location.

Gundersen and LHI jobs are scheduled to be available in the Army's PaYS database soon.  For more information, interested applicants may visit their local recruiter or go to

The Army now has more than 550 partner corporations and public sector agencies across the nation, including the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State University Medical Center.

"Each year thousands of young men and women develop valuable skills and gain experience in a broad spectrum of Army jobs.  They are motivated, have professional work habits and high standards of conduct.  This partnership is one way we can help ensure our Soldiers continue to achieve success after leaving the Army, and that American industry benefits by gaining quality employees," LTC Woodlock said.

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