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Swing Bed program offers patients a home before going home

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Patient and swing bed care team at Gundersen Boscobel.
Grateful patient Jean Lemay and her Swing Bed care team at Gundersen Boscobel

Jean Lemay faced weeks of rehabilitation after a fall at home in Victory, Wis.  

After care at our La Crosse Hospital, Jean was ready to recover closer to home, but not ready for her own home. She found a new home in the Swing Bed program at Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics

“This was the only place that had the facility needed to work with me,” Jean said. “I needed a lot of therapy.” 

What is Swing Bed? 

A swing bed doesn’t swing physically, but it swings in the way Medicare reimburses for the care provided to patients like Jean. 

Swing Bed is a Medicare-covered, hospital-based program for our patients who no longer need inpatient services but are not ready to go home and still need rehabilitation and/or nursing services.  

Swing bed programs allow rural hospitals like Gundersen Boscobel to use their beds for inpatient care or skilled nursing services. 

How do I qualify for Swing Bed? 

You can recover in a Swing Bed program closest to you if:  

  • You spent at least 3 nights in a hospital within the past 30 days  

  • Your provider finds you need daily skilled care after your treatment in the hospital 

  • You have Medicare A or another hospital-based insurance with skilled care benefits 

  • You’re willing to participate in your care plan and make progress toward your goals  

What services does Swing Bed include? 

During your stay in the Swing Bed program, you can participate in: 

Often, patients will stay in the same hospital – or even the same bed – and the billing changes or “swings” from billing for acute care services to post-acute. Other patients, like Jean, find Swing Bed programs at Gundersen locations closer to home to heal.  

Jean recovered from a broken leg and damaged hip with her care team of doctors, nurses, therapists and pharmacists on a personalized recovery plan to manage her pain, rehab her injuries and return home.   

“The more you progressed, they told you how good you’re doing, and that made a big difference because you try harder,” she said.  

If I need Swing Bed care, how can I choose Gundersen Boscobel? 

If you are wondering if Swing Bed is right for you or your loved one, call us at (608) 375-4112



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