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Jarman named vice president of Gundersen Medical Education

Jarman named vice president of Gundersen Medical Education
Monday, August 15, 2022

A portrait of Benjamin Jarman, MD
Benjamin Jarman, MD

Benjamin Jarman, MD, has been named the next vice president/Designated Institutional Official (DIO) of Medical Education at Gundersen Health System. He succeeds Greg Thompson, MD, who retired in June after leading the department for eight years.

Dr. Jarman, who serves on the Gundersen Health System Board of Trustees and as the director of the Gundersen Medical Foundation General Surgery Residency Program, served as interim DIO following Dr. Thompson’s retirement. He has practiced in the Department of Surgery at Gundersen Health System since 2007 and has held various positions on boards and committees throughout the organization, including the Board of Governors, the Finance Committee and the Integrated Center for Education Advisory Board. He is also a clinical adjunct professor for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

As vice president, Dr. Jarman will oversee the entirety of the medical education program of undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education, which includes residents and fellows, medical students, nursing, paramedical/allied health students at Gundersen Health System. As such, he’ll drive the strategic direction for medical education at Gundersen, which is well known as one of the nation’s premier regional academic health centers.

Dr. Jarman was selected from a diverse pool of candidates who participated in a fair and due process, and the committee was impressed by his skill set, as well as his local and national presence within the medical education community, including his service on the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery, amongst others. His qualifications met each of the criteria the hiring committee identified.

“It is an exciting and challenging time in the world of undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education, and the Gundersen Medical Foundation is uniquely situated to advance our educational mission of training these populations of learners,” Dr. Jarman said.

Dr. Jarman will continue to transition into the role before officially assuming the position on Oct. 1. He will report to Dr. Stephen Shapiro as the CMFO and work closely with director Jennifer Lee on medical and administrative issues.

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