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Gundersen Moundview welcomes new Emergency Department providers

Gundersen Moundview welcomes new Emergency Department providers
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Moundview emergency department


Gundersen Moundview's Emergency Room is now staffed by some of Gundersen Health System's most experienced physicians.  

On Oct. 20, the Emergency Department transitioned from contracted physicians to Gundersen physicians. 

"As our affiliation with Gundersen has matured, this change was a natural step in our continued mission to provide seamless care for our patients," Gundersen Moundview Administrator Frank Perez-Guerra said. "Ultimately, it will lead to patients receiving more of their care close to home." 

Board-certified and with 27 years of experience in emergency medicine, Eric Voter, MD, FACEP, leads the department as medical director. Each physician staffing the department has at least 10 years' experience in emergency medicine.  

"These physicians chose to practice at Gundersen Moundview," Dr. Voter said. "This speaks to their level of commitment. Rural hospitals have less on-site resources than larger medical centers which means more responsibility is placed on the ER physicians, nurses and ancillary staff.  Having experienced staff is crucial to providing the highest level of care possible to patients, whether it's a broken bone or a critically ill patient." 

Gundersen Moundview aims to deliver patient care close to home as much as possible with more advanced procedures. But if more advanced care is necessary, Gundersen Moundview physicians have access to specialists in Gundersen's vast network. 

"We are able to connect by phone or telemedicine with physicians in La Crosse who specialize in treating patients who have suffered a stroke, heart attack, trauma or other health conditions," Dr. Voter said. "Our emergency physicians have a close working relationship with these specialists. This is important because when you know and trust each other, it means there is a higher level of confidence in the care provided in our local ER." 

If an emergency patient transfers to La Crosse for specialized treatment, he or she can receive future care and rehabilitation close to home, said Gundersen Moundview Director of Nursing Diana Broniec. 

"The changes we are making in our Emergency Room tie into Gundersen's mission of enriching every life by offering outstanding care," Perez-Guerra said. "We look forward to our relationship with our new physicians, while thanking our contracted physicians for their years of dedicated service to our hospital and community." 

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