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A helping hand on your path to wellness

Setting lifestyle goals is a great first step to improving your health. With the support of a wellness coach, you can more easily achieve your goals and establish habits for long-term success. Coaches provide one-on-one consultations, either in person or by phone, and are specially trained to help you identify goals, implement an action plan and keep you on track.

To learn more about wellness coaching, call the Office of Population Health: (608) 775-3822 or (800) 362-9567 ext. 53822.

A wellness coach can help with:

  • Tobacco treatment
  • A chronic condition
  • Stress reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Eating healthier
  • Exercising regularly

Who will be my coach?

Every coach at Gundersen is an expert in his or her field and is specially trained to help you succeed. It's important to keep in mind that your coach is not a doctor, counselor, dietician, nurse, guru or healer. He or she is like a personal trainer for changing your habits. Your wellness coach offers:

  • A safe, non-judgmental setting for discussing and setting lifestyle goals
  • A personalized plan of action to help you achieve success
  • Evidence-based resources and methods for breaking habits and developing long-term, healthy behaviors
  • In-person or phone meetings to fit your lifestyle
  • Encouragement and support along your journey to better health

How much does wellness coaching cost?

Coaching costs $50 for your first three sessions. Each additional meeting is $20. If you are referred for diabetes management or nicotine cessation coaching, there is no charge.

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