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Meet Silas: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

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Meet Silas: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® Hero

Silas entered the world mighty but small at just 3 pounds and 14 ounces.

At 3 days old, while his parents were processing his unexpected Down Syndrome diagnosis, Silas needed emergency care for dilated intestines and low oxygen levels.

At 9 days old, his heart stopped. Gundersen staff used CPR to revive him.

For weeks, Silas battled breathing complications, lung problems and intestinal issues. His tiny body underwent a biopsy, transfusions, IVs, a feeding tube, respiratory therapy and more.

At 6 weeks old, Silas went home.

He’s our Hero.

At 2 years old, after continued care for respiratory issues, Silas had surgery, endoscopies three procedures to fix his intestine.

At 3 years old, he had his tonsils and adenoid glands removed and tubes inserted in his ears. He still battles sleep apnea and ear issues but is a thriving and happy 8-year-old today.

During those early days and all those years, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was there for Silas and his family. Gift cards offset the cost of gas needed for hospital visits and warm meals helped fuel the family who stayed by his side during his first several weeks of life in the hospital.

Also a staple during his visits were Child Life Specialists to keep him entertained.

“It is really difficult to watch your child go through so much,” says his mother, Brenda. “

It’s heart-breaking and stressful not knowing if your child is going to make it or what he is going to have to go through next. The costs involved also add to the stress.

Having an organization that understands and can help during a time of need is really great.”

That’s what we do for families. That’s what we do for the kids who inspire us—heroes like Silas.

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