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See your best with specialty eyewear

Whether for every day, sun, sports, computer, safety, driving or reading, today's prescription glasses offer more options, better comfort and enhanced vision:

  • Thin-technology lenses are more aesthetically appealing and lighter for better comfort.
  • Anti-reflective lenses let through more light for better vision while reducing glare.
  • Transition lenses darken quickly in bright lights for 100 percent UV protection.
  • Polarized lenses in sunglasses filter glare, enhance contrast and improve clarity.
  • No-line multifocal lenses offer a more natural, seamless correction for viewing all distances.
  • Solo Bambini are soft, pliable, better-fitting eyewear designed for children, newborn and up.
  • No-line computer glasses are a must if you spend a lot of time at a computer.
  • RecSpecs for sports offer impact-resistant lenses and UV protection.
  • Safety eyewear is lightweight yet durable for work and home.
  • Task glasses make it easier to read, sew and enjoy hobbies.

Your Gundersen Health System eye care professional can help you select the right glasses whatever your needs. In addition, all of our eyewear carries a warranty at no extra charge. Check with your local provider for details.

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