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Do you feel like you've failed if you don't meet your 30-minute exercise goal every day? You are not alone. Some of us fall into the all or nothing category. You may find yourself saying, "Well, I didn't exercise today so I blew it for the week" or "I ate a doughnut today, so I might as well continue making poor food choices the rest of the day."

If you can relate to these statements, try to keep in mind that life is about balance. One doughnut or missed workout is not going to make a difference in the long run. It is important to take a step back, evaluate where you're at and go from there. Are you generally active? Do you usually make healthy eating choices? If so, then you are in a good spot!

While everyone has room for improvement, don't fret over the doughnut or the skipped workout. Be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect, and nobody expects you to be perfect either. Always come back to your why—your reason for improving your health. Is it so you can live a long life and be able to watch your children and grandchildren grow up? Do you want to be able to continue doing the things you enjoy? Do you want to wake up every day feeling good about yourself?

We've all heard it, and it's true: We are our own harshest critic. Don't waste your time worrying about the little things. Life is too short. Instead, go out and live your best life! Have the doughnut and enjoy it. If your body is fatigued, take a rest day. It's vital to stay balanced and, even more so, true to yourself.

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