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8 reasons a HydraFacial is the perfect skincare treatment

Whether you regularly enjoy cosmetic services or are just starting to dabble in skincare, one thing is true: There’s no shortage of treatment options to choose from. A free consultation with one of our experts in beauty (also known as a medical skincare technician) can help you narrow your options—one of which is always a versatile HydraFacialTM.

Here are 8 reasons why a HydraFacial is highly recommended by our experts.

1. HydraFacials are designed for all skin types

No matter your skin type or tone, HydraFacials cleanse, extract and hydrate to create a more radiant complexion. In other words, they’re ideal for a wide range of people and produce visible results almost immediately.

2. HydraFacials improve lots of skin conditions (and your confidence)

Not only are HydraFacials designed to improve skin health long-term, but they also make skin glow and work to minimize skin conditions like:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Pore size
  • Oily skin and congestion

“The versatility of a HydraFacial makes it one of my favorite treatments to perform,” says Gundersen skincare technician Kaylee Fox, Plastic Surgery. “With a specialized booster formula—see #3 below—we can treat almost every skin condition: fine lines, deeper wrinkles and dull or congested skin. Everyone deserves that ‘HydraFacial glow!’”

3. HydraFacials can be personalized

All HydraFacials work in three steps to 1) cleanse and exfoliate 2) extract impurities and 3) hydrate your skin—with the option to enhance your treatment with a potent booster that targets your skin’s specific needs. Depending on how you want to personalize your treatment, booster options can:

  • Brighten
  • Calm
  • Clarify
  • Hydrate
  • Firm
  • Restore
  • Smooth
  • Refine
The really great part?

In July and August you can add any booster on to a HydraFacial treatment for FREE—a $50 value!* Book yours today in Dermatology at (608) 775-2382 or Plastic Surgery at (608) 775-2376.

4. HydraFacials don’t have downtime

You can return to normal activities immediately after a HydraFacial. This includes applying makeup. While some people may experience some redness or irritation for up to 72 hours, both are usually mild.

“After a HydraFacial, my patients are left with a dewy, hydrated glow, making this the perfect treatment to get before an event,” says Kaylee.

Note: Your skin is more susceptible to sunburn after a HydraFacial. Be sure to apply SPF!

5. HydraFacials are effective

Many people report their skin looks more refined and radiant almost immediately, with an improved appearance and hydration for up to seven days. With regular treatments, HydraFacials can improve a variety of skin conditions like wrinkles and brown spots over time, too. More importantly, HydraFacials are highly effective at improving your skin health overall.

6. HydraFacials help your skincare products work better

HydraFacials use a high-tech wand to gently extract impurities from your skin. The wand works like a vacuum to open pores and deep cleanse, which allows ingredients in your skincare products to penetrate deeper (this includes the active ingredients in any booster you may choose to enhance your HydraFacial).

7. HydraFacials are noninvasive

While HydraFacials involve deep exfoliation, they’re gentle on even sensitive skin. Many people find the soft pore-by-pore suctioning relaxing or calming.

8. HydraFacials are cost effective

Unlike some cosmetic services that can cost thousands of dollars, a HydraFacial at Gundersen Health System starts at $175.

“HydraFacials are like a 3-in-1 customized treatment, targeting multiple concerns at once,” says Gundersen skincare technician Olivia Caylor, Dermatology. “With alternate treatments it can take a couple of appointments to get the results you’re looking to achieve, whereas a HydraFacial can potentially achieve them quicker.”

Kaylee agrees.

“A HydraFacial is a great starter treatment for someone who is new to the skincare/esthetics world. For someone who is a little weary of getting a chemical peel or laser treatment, a HydraFacial is a relaxing, yet results-driven treatment. HydraFacial pairs best with a professional-grade skincare routine and SPF use,” she says.

Book today

For a limited time, personalize a HydraFacial treatment with a FREE booster—a $50 value!* Book yours today in Dermatology at (608) 775-2382 or Plastic Surgery at (608) 775-2376.

*Offer is valid on one HydraFacial™ treatment performed in July or August 2023. Promotion is limited to one free booster and is not combinable with any other discounts.

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