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Whether you are just thinking about improving your health, stuck at a plateau or hitting your stride it is important to consider all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The practices below are all foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself if the following statements are true about you.

Most of the time…

  • I eat when I’m hungry 
  • I eat something within one hour of waking
  • I eat 3-5 meals per day
  • I plan meals made up of 3-5 different food groups
  • I drink water as my primary fluid source
  • I take part in both cardiovascular and strength-training exercise 5-6 times per week
  • I stay active by taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking further away in parking lots and keeping up with house chores
  • I use healthy coping strategies instead of using alcohol and/or food
  • I balance the hectic pace of life with times that are more calm and relaxed
  • I rarely choose food in response to triggers (stress, boredom, anxiety, sadness, etc…)
  • I get enough sleep so that I feel rested throughout the day

Congratulate yourself for the things that are going well! Now take a look at the statements that were not true about you. When you are ready, choose a statement that is not true and take a step toward changing it. For example if you are currently choosing food in response to stress, think of something else that you do instead, such as taking a walk or trying meditation.

A healthy lifestyle is not just about food. Nutrition, coping and movement are all crucial to nurturing a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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