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Say goodbye to dry eyes

Dry eyes are a common and irritating problem. If you've experienced the burning and itching of dry eyes, all you care about is making it stop. Good news: there is relief!

Start with the basics

Blinking helps to keep your eyes moist by spreading natural tears. When you're reading, working up close or using an electronic device, you blink about half as often as you should. If you're blinking less, your eyes get dry and irritated, and vision can become blurry. So, remember the 20/20/20 rule.

20/20/20 rule

Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second visual break, blink a few times and look beyond 20 feet.

If the 20/20/20 rule doesn't solve the problem, here are some simple things to try:

  • Use artificial tears when your eyes feel dry.
  • Try reading or computer glasses if your eyes are tired.
  • Put a warm wet cloth on your eyes to add moisture, keep natural lubricating oils flowing freely and relieve discomfort.
  • Treat underlying problems, such as allergies, that cause dry eyes.
  • Get an eye exam because eye strain can cause eyes to feel dry, tired and sore.

See an eye doctor for chronic dry eyes

You may have a chronic problem. If your eyes don't produce enough natural tears, prescription eye drops, such as Restasis®, may help.

Another problem may be a blocked gland in your eyelid, so your tears lack a natural oil component that slows the evaporation of tears. A non-invasive procedure available at the Gundersen Eye Clinic La Crosse uses the new LipiFlow System to help restore the oil gland's function.

You should discuss your dry eyes and treatment options with your Gundersen eye doctor.

Schedule an appointment at your local Gundersen Eye Clinic to discuss your dry eyes and treatment options.

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