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Heart disease can mean greater risk for stroke, too

stroke risk
Heart disease can mean greater risk for stroke, too

If you're at risk for, or have been diagnosed with, coronary artery disease (CAD), you've likely been told you have a greater risk for a heart attack. But did you know you're also at greater risk for stroke? The accumulation of plaque in your coronary arteries that restricts blood flow to your heart can occur in your carotid arteries leading to your brain, too, which can lead to stroke.

If you have risk factors for CAD, such as obesity, smoking, cholesterol or family history, you should talk with your primary care provider about screening for heart disease and stroke.

Calculate your risk

Gundersen also has free, interactive online tools to help you identify your risks for heart disease and stroke. Our risk assessment tools can:

  • Increase your awareness of strokes and heart disease, and identify your personal risk factors
  • Provide you with practical ways to improve your risk factors
  • Help you take a more active role in your own health
  • Provide a platform for discussions between you and your healthcare providers

Take the stroke risk assessment

The health risk assessment tools are available at

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