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4 ways to prevent slips and falls

Winter is here. Don't get tripped up by winter weather this season!

  1. Wear boots with rubber soles and non-slip treads.
  2. Plan ahead to prevent last-minute rushing.
  3. Assume all wet, dark areas on pavement are icy.
  4. Don't walk and text.

Don't get tripped up by winter weather

  • Keep an eye out for black ice.
  • Avoid walking with your hands in your pockets or carrying too many items.
  • Walk slowly and carefully.
  • Wear boots with rubber soles or non-slip treads, over-shoe grippers or traction cleats.
  • Plan ahead to ensure enough time to reach your destination.
  • Use handrails where they're available.
  • Walk as flat-footed as possible in icy areas.
  • Check potentially slip areas by tapping them with your foot.
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