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For some people, applying toner is a crucial step in their beauty routine. Others never use it and question if the product is necessary. No matter where you currently stand, this Q&A sheds light on how toner can boost your complexion.

What's the purpose of toner?

Toner is somewhat of a workhorse. In addition to temporarily tightening skin and reducing the size of pores, it also:

  • Lowers and balances the skin's pH level, allowing other treatments (moisturizers, vitamin C, retinol and peptides) to work better and prevent stripping your skin of essential oils and other protective elements
  • Removes excess cleanser and other impurities that may be left on your skin after washing your face

In other words: "Toner is an important step after cleansing your skin," says Gundersen skincare specialist Kristine Moon, LE.

How should toner be applied?

One of the best ways to apply toner is by simply soaking a cotton pad or ball with the product and then gently rubbing it across your face, neck and chest. This step is most effective when done once you've finished washing your face but before applying other products.

Are astringents the same as toners?

Astringents are like a stronger toner and generally better suited for oily or acne-prone skin. You also may have heard toners called clarifying lotions or fresheners.

What skin types should use toner?

All skin types can benefit from toner. Those with oily skin often see a reduction in acne and oil and notice tighter pores. People with dry skin can use toner to hydrate, soothe and calm.

How can I pick the right toner for my skin?

There's no shortage of toners on the market, some of which are better suited for specific skin types than others. To make sure you're using the best one for your needs, schedule a personalized consultation with a Gundersen skincare specialist today.

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