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Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, has recently blossomed in popularity – thanks to treatments like microblading for full and natural-looking eyebrows. Another trend that’s gaining popularity is lip blushing.

Like microblading, lip blushing can enhance the look of your lips through semi-permanent tattooing.

While cosmetic products can plump lips temporarily and lip fillers can add volume, a lip blush tattoo can boost your natural lip color and shape. And, bonus, permanent makeup can simplify your morning makeup ritual.

But is this new trend right for you?

Our experienced skincare technician, Kristine Moon, LE, is an expert in advanced semi-permanent and permanent makeup procedures. She’s available to help you choose the best service for you based on your desired results, beauty goals and more.

Semi-Permanent Makeup for Your Lips: Lip Blushing 

Jumping on the lip tinting bandwagon? Then it’s time to think about lip blushing – basically, a semi-tattoo of the lips to give the impression of more fullness and color. It’s permanent makeup that color corrects and enhances lips and can add shape and definition too. While enhancing your lip color, lip blushing doesn’t add volume or fillers.

Understanding Semi-Permanent Lip Makeup

The lip blushing procedure implants pigment into the upper dermis layer of the skin.  

“As we age, we tend to lose color around the lip line,” Moon says. “Lip blushing is a great technique to add color that can brighten or darken the lips, giving you a more youthful lip that will not come off when eating or drinking.”

Lip Blushing FAQs

What is the lip blushing procedure like?

Lip blushing uses a tiny blade to make cuts into your skin. Ink is deposited into each cut. A topical anesthetic is used to help with minimal pain.

“It’s like getting a tattoo. Pigment is implanted into the skin by a small needle,” says Moon, and explains that patients typically use a color they’re currently using for lipstick. “Patients will have a little discomfort following the procedure, but ointment can be used. Lips will be a little swollen and pigment will look dark.”

After the procedure, which takes two to three hours, swelling, redness and bruising may happen.  Acetaminophen can be taken to help with swelling and antibacterial ointment can help heal and sooth the lips. Aftercare instructions are explained, and a written form is given to patients. It takes about four weeks to see the full results.

How long does lip blushing last?

Lip blushing is permanent but will fade overtime. Results vary person to person, but typically last two to five years. Patients can repeat the procedure every two years.

Do I need a consultation first? 

All permanent makeup (lip blushing, eyebrows, eyeliner) needs a consultation.

Moon explains, “During the consultation, I find out what the patient’s goals are and explain the procedure, risks, benefits, color choices, and show photos of previous work.”  

Permanent makeup consultations are complimentary, no charge. 

How do I choose which services are best for me?

Kristine Moon is available to help you choose the best service for you based on your desired results, beauty goals and more. 

To schedule a free consultation, call Gundersen Plastic Surgery today at (608) 775-2376.


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