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From drugstore products to professional cosmetic services, there's no shortage of things that promise to reverse visible signs of aging. So, what makes laser treatments unique—specifically BroadBand Light™ with new HERO (high-energy rapid output) technology?

BBL HERO packs a punch of benefits

Don't have time to spend hours with your skincare specialist? Good news: BBL HERO is now four times faster than the treatment's older technology, so you can enjoy rejuvenated skin quicker than ever. Plus, BBL HERO:

  • Provides real results.  While the most dramatic improvements occur after a series of several treatments spaced a few months apart, changes are noticeable in as little as two to four weeks after one BBL HERO session.
  • Doesn't require downtime. Other than making sure you stay out of the sun for seven to 14 days afterward, there's no need to change up your daily routine post-treatment.
  • Is comfortable. You may feel a sense of warmth coming from the light that's used for the procedure. While the sensation may be new, it's generally tolerated without the need for numbing cream.

BBL HERO works overtime

Aging doesn't just affect your face. That's why BBL HERO is designed to target your whole body, meaning you can quickly and painlessly treat your face and other areas like your neck, chest, hands arms, legs and more. BBL HERO also addresses more than one or two complexion issues, including:

  • Stimulating collagen to reduce signs of aging
  • Lightening freckles and age spots
  • Fading small blood vessels and rosacea 
  • Improving acne 
  • Correcting sun damage
  • Tightening skin
  • And much more

What's the secret?

The magic of BBL HERO stems from intense pulsed light. During each session, the specialized light is moved quickly across the treatment area to target pigment in your skin. Immediately afterward, the pigment appears darker—helping you know that you had an optimal treatment—but within the next several days your body's natural healing process removes the pigmented cells and replaces them with fresh, undamaged cells.

Ready to try BBL HERO?

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