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Early detection of most diseases is the most critical step in saving lives because time increases survival chances.

Gundersen Boscobel invites the community to participate in “Flannel Check” in February by wearing flannel clothing to raise awareness about the importance of annual physicals and other important health screenings.

Flannel Check was created by Waupaca-based Cutting Edge Health Team to encourage everyone to take a proactive approach with their health. By raising awareness about the importance of scheduling an annual exam (and subsequent tests), individuals and communities can become stronger and healthier.

Cancer causes or other disease recognition awareness campaigns are usually represented by a specific color; pink for breast cancer, red for heart disease, blue for colon cancer, black for melanoma.

“Flannel patterns bring together every illness in one place,” said David Zowin, founder and executive director of Flannel Check. “Choose and wear the flannel or plaid pattern that includes the ribbons that resonate for you.”

Join Gundersen Boscobel in this awareness initiative by wearing flannel this month and scheduling your annual physical and other important preventative health screenings. To schedule an exam or screening, please call Gundersen Boscobel at (608) 375-4144 or visit 



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February 22, 2024

Gundersen Moundview Hospital and Clinics is now offering in-house 3D mammography, an improvement in both access to the critical screening and accuracy of the results.

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