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Compliance Program Information for Vendors

Compliance Program Information for Vendors

Gundersen Health System is committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Gundersen's Compliance Program is a key component in helping to ensure that we prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse throughout our health system.

Gundersen's Compliance Program and fraud, waste and abuse laws are described in our Compliance Program and Standards of Conduct booklet. This document along with other Compliance Program-related policies are included in the links below. As a Gundersen vendor, you are responsible for reviewing this information and sharing it your employees who provide services to Gundersen.

Additional Gundersen resources related to the DRA:

Reporting a concern or asking a question

It is your right and obligation to find help and report situations you believe may potentially violate laws, regulations, the Standards of Conduct or applicable policies. To report an actual or suspected violation of the Standards of Conduct, applicable policies, law or regulation, or to simply ask a question or learn more about the Standards of Conduct, the following resources are available:

  • Talk to your supervisor or Gundersen administrative contact.
  • Contact the Gundersen Compliance Office at (608) 775-8774 or Gundersen Legal at (608) 775-6619.
  • Compliance Hotline: If you are not comfortable contacting the resources above or if your concern has not been addressed after contacting these resources, you can contact the Compliance Hotline at (608) 784-0477 or (877) 532-8879 (toll-free).

All communications will be kept confidential, to the fullest extent possible, consistent with any reporting requirements or other obligations or needs of Gundersen. Issues can be reported anonymously. If you do choose to identify yourself, there may be instances where the identity of the reporting individual may be disclosed. The Compliance Office will take any necessary action to investigate concerns and to bring such matters to the appropriate Gundersen officials for remedial action.


It is your obligation to report concerns and any behavior you think violates these Standards of Conduct, any Gundersen policies, laws or regulations. Do this in good faith as soon as you have a concern. No retaliatory action will be taken or will be permitted by Gundersen against any individual or entity that reports in good faith any suspected violations of the Standards of Conduct. Please refer to our Non-retaliation Policy, GL-3032, in the link provided above. If you believe you have experienced retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith, contact the Compliance Office.

For additional information or questions regarding Gundersen's compliance with the DRA, please contact Gundersen's Compliance Office at (608) 775-8774.

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