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Physical Activity

Being physically active can increase your strength, lower health risks and improve your mental health. Gundersen's Office of Population Health provides the following programs and activities to keep you moving.

Swing into Shape

This safe and effective exercise program teaches gentle movement to improve range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance. Balance skills and posture awareness are emphasized during seated and standing exercises, and muscle strengthening is done with resistance bands. This program is geared toward the older adult, anyone who is deconditioned or someone who is looking for a basic program. Swing Into Shape is available for purchase on DVD at three different levels of intensity.

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Resistance Bands

Exercises with resistance bands are an effective way to improve muscle strength and endurance. Everyday tasks such as housekeeping, gardening, carrying objects and climbing steps become easier when you are stronger. If you are an older adult, you will see the greatest benefit from resistance exercises, more than any other activity you could choose. Resistance bands come in different colors to indicate the level of resistance:

  • Yellow is light and is good for anyone who is beginning to do these exercise or who has not been active for some time.
  • Red is good for those who are active but are new to strength training exercises.
  • Green bands are for those who are active and need a challenge.

Resistance bands are available for purchase.

Everyday Exercises

A resource for those who are looking to get started. A simple, sturdy chair is all you need to do these gentle stretching activities.

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Resistance Exercises

These resistance exercises are done seated with a resistance band.

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Walking Trails

For more information about wellness programs, call the Office of Population Health at (608) 775-4717 or email

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