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Published on July 18, 2018

spice up your meals with citrus

Spice up your meals with citrus

Brighten up summer flavors using fruit

Citrus fruits add bright, vibrant flavors to a wide variety of dishes and drinks. They work very well with fresh summer vegetables and herbs. Don't be intimidated – there are many ways to add citrus to any of your favorite meals, from grilled meats to salads to beverages.

  • Season main dishes. Use the whole fruit to add extra oomph to flavors in any dish. When baking or grilling, add sliced fruit or drizzle with juice. Sprinkle extra zest to top off any dish. Zest the fruit by lightly grating the peel (until the brightly colored outside is gone and the white underside is revealed). Experiment with your favorite flavors and dishes. A little bit goes a long way!
  • Dress salads with an easy vinaigrette. One of the simplest salad dressings is citrus vinaigrette. Simply mix equal parts citrus juice and oil, and add fresh chopped herbs of your choice. Lime vinaigrette goes well with a taco salad, and lemon vinaigrette tastes excellent on all sorts of vegetables. Experiment with your favorite fruits & herbs.
  • Flavor your fluids. Sliced fresh fruit adds extra flavor to any beverage, including plain water. Citrus is especially flavorful, and a small amount goes a long way. Experiment with your infusion ingredients – use any combination of your favorite fruits and even lightly flavored vegetables like cucumber go well. Fresh herbs like mint also bring nice flavor to beverages. Add to plain brewed tea or water for a refreshing summer beverage.
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