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If you smoke, vape, chew, or use other forms of nicotine, Gundersen Health System would like to provide you with tools on this website.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in our nation. Conditions like cancer, heart disease, emphysema, stroke and amputation are directly caused by smoking. You probably are aware of this, but worry how hard it may be to quit. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but each year thousands quit and improve their length and quality of life. You can quit too. We can help.

The tools and resources you'll find on this site are proven to help others. They can help you, too.

Classes & Resources

Where are you on your journey to become tobacco free?

Ready to quit

You're ready to quit, this time for good! These tools and worksheets let you map out your plan and stick to your goals.

Thinking about quitting

You want to quit. Maybe you've tried before so you know what's coming. To convince yourself that you're ready, this set of tools lets you record details of how you use tobacco now, when, how often, and even 'why.'

The result gives you a clearer picture of the role nicotine plays in your life. It will help you make informed decisions on your road to nicotine independence.

Not ready to quit

People smoke/use nicotine for many different reasons: it's social, it makes them feel a certain way, and they enjoy it. But is the expense worth it?

This toolset includes a calculator sheet to tally up the money nicotine is actually costing you out of pocket. What else might you have paid for with all that money? The tools also share some important information and reminders about the impact of nicotine your life and lives of your family.

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