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Memorial & Honorarium Gifts

An exceptional way to show you care is through a contribution that pays tribute to a special person in your life. A gift of this kind can celebrate a birth, commemorate an anniversary or a milestone in someone's life. Of course, a contribution can also be an enduring tribute to a loved one who has died or to honor someone who has greatly impacted your own life.

When you make a gift to Gundersen Medical Foundation, your gift helps to fund medical education, research and community outreach programs that enhance the lives of people in our region. Your gift will continue giving long after your time of tribute.

Your gift, in the name of the person or persons you wish to honor, provides both the donor and the recognized - or bereaved family - the satisfaction of having made a lasting contribution to others.

In response to your gift, we send an acknowledgment card to the honored individual or, in the case of a memorial, to the family. You will be notified that your gift has been received and dedicated according to your wishes.
You can make a memorial or honorarium gift today online You can also download our printable form and mail in your gift.

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