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Doctors' Day Honorees

Doctors' Day is celebrated on March 30  to recognize the impact of special physicians in your life. This year, we feel it's especially important to recognize anyone on your healthcare team who has been important to your health, whether it's a physician, nurse, therapist, scheduler or anyone else. Your gift will let them know how important their work is.

Below is a list of the wonderful comments that grateful patients have honored their doctors and other Healthcare Heroes with for Doctors' Day.

Honorarium Quotes

"Thank you for being there for me!"

"Thank you for your kindness and gentleness and making me feel at ease in an awkward situation"

"You have been the bestest doctor I have ever had in my entire life!"

"Thank you for your wonderful caring manner. You have always tried to help me with your excellent diagnostic skills. I appreciate the care you provide very much."

"Due to your expertise, concern, and kindness I am a 44 year cancer survivor. I will always hail you as 'my hero,' and am grateful you helped me win that battle. You rightfully deserved being given the 2017 Founders award. I thank you for inviting me to attend that event. Thanks to you I have been able to enjoy my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!"

"Thank you for your skilled care, kind demeanor, and trustworthy medical guidance. You're a treasure!"

"Thank you for listening and caring.  You are a blessing in our lives."

 "Thank you for all your care and help during my treatment it was greatly appreciated, keep up the good work."

"Wanted to express my ongoing gratitude for the MD. No pain and no drugs translate to a huge improvement in my quality of life - feels like a miracle - thanks."

"Your compassion, accessibility, and medical knowledge you give to interns, hospital and your patients."

" One year post-op. Totally pain free with full mobility. Thinking of scheduling other shoulder. Thanks to your whole team."

"Thank you for your thorough health care for both of us. Thank you most for listening and helping us."

"Thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my knee replacement. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your fine work. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. May God bless you richly in the year to come." 

"We very much appreciate your excellent work for us, as skin cancer reciprocates. You are so very caring and understanding. Also, all of your aides are very helpful and loving. Thank you for taking such good care of us. With love and Best Wishes."

"Thank you for your guidance and care for my general health issues. You are patient, knowledgeable, and understanding, and I feel very confident that my health is in good hands with you as my primary physician."

"In honor of Brendon Groen and his thoughtful care for my husband during recovery from his kidney disease. Brendon gave us great confidence in the outcomes and hope for the future."

"Thank you for doing the lid surgery on both of my eyes. It was very painless and recovery was smooth. I appreciate your time to help me see a "wider" vision area. Kindest Regards."

"On behalf of the Utilization Management Staff I would like to thank you for the work and support you  provide us. Greatly appreciated!!"

"For many years Dr. Filomean Larson has taken care of my eyesight, watching my cataracts develop over the years, offering her advice on proper care of eyes, and when to call for surgery to removal of cataracts. Thanks for your diligence - I have wonderful eyesight in my old age! Thank you."

"Still making every day count. Had my 5 year check up in Dec. All is well.  Thank you!"

"You are a wonderful young man with an awesome personality and an excellent surgeon. You are also lucky to have a wonderful staff."

"To a top-notch doctor who continues to make a difference in so many lives especially those of us living with lupus. For always  going above and beyond, thank you… you truly are THE BEST and I will forever be grateful! ENJOY DOCTOR'S DAY -  YOU DESERVE IT :)"

"My daughter was happy to have her tonsils removed but sad that she may not get to see Dr. Case again! Great bedside manner, excellent practice, good listener, clearly enjoys his job!"

Honored Doctors and Staff

Frank Aberger, MD
Atif Ahmed, MD
Raju Ailiani, MD
Nina Aranguren, PA-C
Arnold Asp, MD
Beth Ault Brinker, MD
Kelley Bahr, MD
Mary Bassing, MD
Scott Bassuener, MD
Dana Benden, MD
Chai Bhaskar, MD
Rachel Biemiller, MD
Scott Bierman, MD
Marilu Bintz, MD
Julio Bird, MD
David Bleidorn, MD
Wally Boisvert, MD
Robyn Borge, MD
Chris Born, MD
Wayne Bottner, MD
Mihaella Bozadjieva, RN
Ward Brown, MD
Megan Brueggen
John Burelbach, MD
Joel Burnet, DO
David Campbell
Mike Case, MD
John Coffey, MD
Elizabeth Cogbill, MD
Pat Conway, MD
John Conzemius, MD
Kimberly Coyne, MD
Carol Danning, MD
Jared Darveaux, MD
Jerry Davis, MD
David Dawson, DPM
Janette Dawson
Deena Athas, MD
Benjamin Delong
Steve Devine, MD
Mike Dolan, MD
Kim Dowat, RN
Kristin Ducharme, RN
Wanda DuCharme, MD
Michael Ebersold, MD
Dan Ecklund, MD
Cary Effertz, MD
Joe Endrizzi, MD
Rick Erdman, MD
Scott Escher, MD
Suzanne Falkenberry, MD
John Farnen, MD
April Farrell, MD
Jim Feltes, MD
Sylvia Firary, MD
Mason Fisher, MD
Maggie Fournier, DPM
Kristen Freier, MD
Carrie Gerhard, MD
David Gerhard, MD
Jeannie Gordon
Jim Graf, MD
Brendon Groen, RN, NP
Dale Groshek, PA-C
A. Erik Gundersen, MD
Erik A. Gundersen, MD
Sig Gundersen III, MD
Brian Hagan, MD
Jamie Hansbery
Dan Harbin, MD
Tim Harbst, MD
Whitney Hemauer, RN
Joy Hennessy, RN
Mike Henry, MD
Cheng Her, MD
John Herath, MD
Jim Hoefert, MD
Chris Hofland, MD
Doug Hughes, MD
Mike Jacobs, DPM
Ben Jarman, MD
Ellen Johnson, RN
Alcee Jumonville, MD
Cathy Juran, RN
Michael Kalinosky, DO
Colin Kauphusman
Jim Kauphusman, MD
Michitaka Kawata, MD
Steven Klein, MD
Kathy Klock
Megan Klomps-McClung, DO
Martin Koop, DDS
Todd Kowalski, MD
Laura Krister, MD
Vicki Kruckow, LPN
Paul Kuck, MD
Mary Kuffel, MD
Roger Kwong, MD
Dan Lange, MD
Filomena Larson, OD
Jeff Lawrence, MD
Kyla Lee, MD
Gary Lenth, MD
Larry Lindesmith, MD
Jared Linebarger, MD
Kris Litscher-Lee, MSN, PNP
Jack Lockhart, MD
Tom Londergan, MD

Christopher Lowry, DO
David Ludden, MD
Pamela Maas
Megan Mahaffey
Todd Mahr, MD
Angela Manke, AuD
Julie Marthaler, RN, NP
Joan Matey, MD
Rachel McKenney, MD
David McNamara, MD
Ken Merkitch, MD
Leah Metz, MD
David Metzler, MD
Lori Meyer, RN
Chris Miller, MD
David Momont, MD
Sheila Momont, MD
David Morrison, MD
Kurt Mueller, MD
Jim Munn, MD
Rajiv Naik, MD
Sarah Naik, MD
David Nash, MD
Mark Neumann, MD
Erica Neumeister, RN, NP
Karl Noll, MD
Lisa Nutter, RN, NP
Kurt Oettel, MD
Michael Ojelabi, MD
Denyse Olson-Dorff, PsyD
Amber Oshan, PA
Ed Overholt, MD
Venki Paramesh, MD
Ben Parsons, DO
Bob Patros
Jeanette Pitts, MD
Mick Polito, DC
Alan Pratt, MD
Renee Quellhorst
Prem Rabindranauth, MD
Scott Rathgaber, MD
Ted Riley, II, MD
Tom Roukis, DPM, PhD
Kristi Rounds, RN
Barbara Rugen-Rendler, RN, NP
Matt Runde, MD
Cathy Ryan, MD
Rhonda Sallaway, MD
Andrew Saterbak, MD
Kevin Schoepel, MD
John Schomburg, MD
Patti Schreiber
Janice Schroeder, RN
Quinn Seston, PA-C
Daniel Short, MD
Justin Shurts, MD
Brian Sieck, MD
Devin Simonson, DPM
Travis Smith, MD
Melanie Solum, MD
Vanee Songsiridej, MD
Balaji Srinivasan, MD
Rachel Steele, DDS
Kathy Steinke
Shannan Stephens, MD
John Sterling, OD, MS
Amy Strain, MD
Rich Strauss, MD
Amanda Strosahl, MD
Suzanne Tanner-Bertrand, MD
Abigail Taub, MD
Laura Taylor
John-Peter Temple, MD
Lonna Theede, RN
Kurt Thesing
San Thida, MD
Greg Thompson, MD
Jeff Thompson, MD
Chad Thurman, MD
Daren Tobert, MD
Mark Topolski, MD
Leroy Trombetta, MD
Deanna Turner
John Udell, MD
Duane Undeland, MD
Yazhini Vallatharasu, MD
Marv Van Every, MD
Lisa Veglahn, MD
Todd Verdon, OD
Cheryl Vieth
Eric Voter, MD
Jason Waddell, OD
Rick Waniger, MD
Alaina Webb, MD
Margie Webster, MD
Lori Weinberg, MD
Doug White, MD, PhD
Steve Whitford, MD
Laura Wiedman, RN
Jon Williamson, OD
Catherine Wilson
Steve Wissink, MD
Brian Woody, MD
Juliana Wypyszynski, RN, NP
David Yao, MD, PhD
Jane Young
Sharon Zimmerman, LPN
Jon Zlabek, MD

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