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Published on September 04, 2020

woman looking in the mirror at acne scars

How can I get rid of acne scars once and for all?

Dear, Glamour:

I was catching up with a co-worker last Monday and she mentioned she recently had microneedling done on her face to help minimize acne scars and large pores. While I nodded along like I knew what she was talking about, I had no idea. Help! To me, microneedling sounds more like a trendy new form of embroidery than a beauty secret. Cross stitching, anyone? So, Glamour, what is microneedling and is it something I should consider for my acne scars, too?

Please spill the beauty secrets

Dear, PSTBS:

Your confusion is understandable! While microneedling's roots date back decades, the treatment—sometimes called collagen-induction therapy—is just now starting to make more and more waves.

True to its name, microneedling features a high-tech device equipped with a tiny needle—the instrument kind of looks like a fancy pen—to cause controlled micro-injuries to your skin's surface. Don't worry: The process sounds scarier than it is. Most people find any discomfort the treatment may cause worth the tradeoff.

More specifically, in the case of your co-worker, the technique was used to help heal her acne scars and large pores by stimulating her body's natural collagen and elastin production, activating her wound healing process and encouraging the release of proteins, peptides and other growth factors to rejuvenate damaged skin.

SkinPen before and after

As for whether microneedling is something you should consider, it's difficult to say without knowing specifics about your current situation and beauty goals. However, as your co-worker mentioned, the treatment can be a great option for diminishing acne scars and large pores. Since it seems like those are issues you also want to address, microneedling may be worth looking into more.

Keep in mind that microneedling also fades stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

Regardless, if you want noticeable results with little downtime and don't want to foot the bill attached to pricier laser treatments, microneedling might be a perfect fit. A consultation with a medical skincare specialist at Gundersen in Onalaska or La Crosse may help you decide.

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