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5 reasons to stay hydrated



Your body depends on water to function. We all need at least 64 ounces of water daily—more if your lifestyle demands it. You'll know if you're drinking enough when your urine is pale yellow. It's important you drink up to: 

Control your weight. Drinking water keeps you from eating when you’re not hungry. Often times we grab a snack when what we actually need is water. 

Stay energized. Your muscles need fluid for energy and you lose fluids faster when you're active. Hydrate before, during and after your workout.

Keep focus. Even your brain needs water! Hydration improves your focus and productivity.

Improve your skin. Water eases dryness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, keeping your skin looking soft and smooth.

Stay regular. You're more likely to become constipated when you neglect your water intake. Your body pulls fluid from your stool to try and keep your body hydrated, resulting in constipation.

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