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Published on April 06, 2017

Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics Foundation purchases Laser Therapy equipment for Rehab Department

Do you know someone who has been dealing with joint or chronic pain? The new Laser Module 9 Diode Cluster that the Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics Foundation has purchased for the Gundersen Boscobel Hospital Rehab Department may be able to help!

"This modality is a useful complementary practice to traditional physical and occupational therapy to improve the lives of patients", explains Robyn Moritz, Director of Rehabilitation Services. "Laser is used for people with osteoarthritis, trigger points, tendinopathies and works really well for people who are trying to manage acute or chronic pain."

Low-Level laser therapy uses light weight specific characteristics to treat medical conditions. Low-level laser therapy devices produce therapeutic effects by non-thermal absorption of photons by cells. This therapy has been shown to accelerate the inflammatory process through mitochondrial chromophore stimulation. This increases respiratory chain activity, which enhances ATP synthesis, cellular repair, and reproduction.

"We are appreciative of the generous donations that made it possible to have this service available in the Rehab Department," shares Moritz. "It's encouraging to know that the community supports the work of Gundersen Boscobel and helps support the continued development of the care offered."

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