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Swing Bed Care

If you're not quite ready to go home

Swing Bed is a Medicare covered hospital-based program for patients who no longer need inpatient acute care services, but are not ready to go home because they still require some rehabilitation and/or nursing services.

Examples of people who may benefit from swing bed services include patients who:

  • Are still recovering from major joint surgery
  • Are still recovering from an extensive procedure
  • Require education on condition, such as a newly diagnosed diabetics, before returning home
  • Are in need of IV therapy
  • Require strength training and rehabilitation after a prolonged hospital stay

A team of healthcare professionals works with you to develop an individualized recovery plan with focus on managing your pain, rehabilitating injuries and restoring you to your normal level of activity. Skilled nursing, rehabilitation services and education are a priority. All treatment plans are developed according to individual needs, under the direction of a social worker and a physician.

Swing bed services include:

Nursing – Skilled nursing care is provided during your stay to assist with pain management, education and recovery.

Nutrition Services – We offer nutritional support, education and customized diets/menus to meet your personal preference and dietary needs. Optimal nutrition is important in recovery and continued health, and our staff can help provide the support and education you need.

Physical Therapy – Physical Therapists are available to help rehabilitate injuries, build strength, prevent falls and assist in your recovery. A PT will individualize the plan with treatment focused on helping you resume life activities, particularly walking, exercising, maintaining balance and building strength and flexibility.

Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapists work to restore daily living skills and increase patient independence, including bathing, dressing, and grooming, cooking and basic housekeeping. The safety of your home can be evaluated with you and your family.

Pharmacy – We have an on-staff pharmacist who can fill your prescriptions and work with your physician to assure your medication needs are met.

Recreation Therapy – Our recreation therapist develops an activity plan based on your interests and hobbies to meet your social interaction needs.

Respiratory Therapy – Our on-staff Respiratory Therapist can provide education about oxygen and other respiratory needs.

Social Work – A social worker will work directly with you and your family to connect you with services and resources, both during your stay with us and upon your return home. We can help connect you with community and county resources, home care options and financial assistance. Our social worker can also help you complete an advance directive to ensure your healthcare wishes are met now and in the future.

Speech Therapy – A speech therapist assists with your communication skills, including expressing thoughts, reading and safe swallowing.

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