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… The more researchers know about what makes each of us unique, the more tailored our healthcare can become. Join a research effort with one million or more people … Network Hospitals® 29 A Family Legacy Jeannie Gordon 31 Happenings Foundation News On the cover: Dr. R. Mario Abellera and his wife, Fe, are longtime benefactors … Philanthropy Mandy Nogle, CFRE Administrative Support Dawn Meyer Rhonda Smith Data System Tiffany Farrell Kimball Sarah Worman Annual Support Jennifer Olson Olivia …
… back through Gundersen’s rich history illustrates that part of what has ensured our longevity is the ability to change and plan for the future. In fact, being able … community. You will even learn a bit more about the merger between Gundersen Health System and Bellin Health. While the merger is founded on great patient care, you can … The Tim Padesky Family Transplant Endowment Fund 31 Happenings Foundation News 4 12 15 2 | G U N D E R S E N M E D I C A L F O U N D AT I O N • USE THE QR …

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