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Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic

Do you have ongoing chronic pelvic pain despite medical checkups, tests, medications or surgery? As a result of the pain, are work, family time or activities that used to be enjoyable now difficult or impossible? The Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic at Gundersen Health System may be able to help; ask your doctor for a referral.

You'll have an initial checkup, including medical history and physical exam, with a doctor who specializes in chronic pelvic pain. Based on that exam, you'll receive a customized treatment plan.

Treating your chronic pelvic pain may need a team approach. We can call on our experts in and with gynecology, urinary and bowel problems, injections to treat joint or muscle pain, physical therapy, nutrition, emotional issues and problems stemming from abuse. In addition, specially trained nurses are available to support and encourage you, answer your questions and provide education.

Tame Your Pain program

Living with pain every day can cause you to have negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and hopelessness. These negative emotions can make the pain worse. Chronic pain may also cause you to restrict activity for fear of making pain worse. This can lead to stiff muscles and joints, adding to your pain. The Tame Your Pain Program gives you tools and skills to gain more control over your pain, increase your activity levels and improve your quality of life.

How to participate

If the Tame Your Pain program is suggested as part of your treatment plan, you'll meet with one of our therapists to determine if the program can help. Then a nurse will explain the program, give you study materials, and work with you to set goals. Your answers to a questionnaire will help us assess your current health issues and rate your progress at the end.

Skills you'll learn

In the program, you'll join a small group of people for eight weekly sessions. You'll receive support from your group leader and co-participants who know what it's like to live with chronic pain. You'll learn relaxation techniques; how to gain control over anxiety; ways to change negative thinking; goal setting skills and much more.

what to expect

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