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Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy evaluates and treats developmental or acquired speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders in children. 

Our pediatric speech-language pathologists often work closely with a team of pediatric specialists to determine the cause and plan of treatment for a variety of childhood communication and swallowing disorders.

Speech and Language Program

Speech and language skills are essential in helping your child get the best start in life. If your child has a delay in speech or other language skills, Gundersen offers a program that can help. Our Pediatric Speech and Language Program uses a natural, encouraging environment designed to help your child learn.

Your child may benefit from the program if he or she has difficulty or delays with any of the following:

  • Language
  • Articulation
  • Apraxia (difficulty coordinating the muscles to speak)
  • Social communication
  • Autism/PDD/Asperger's Syndrome

During the program, we'll focus on:

Articulation: We'll help each child produce targeted speech sounds by focusing on words, phrases, sentences and conversations through games and at-home activities.

Pre-school/school-age language: Playful, structured activities will help your child improve their language skills.

Social language: Your child learn how to use verbal and non-verbal communication effectively as we focus on conversation skills, turn-taking, perspective taking and inferring information.

Your involvement is a key to helping your child get the most out of the program. Together, we will develop an individualized plan for your child based on your child's needs and your goals and expectations. We will work with you to monitor your child's progress throughout the course of the program, and modify our goals and objectives if needed.

How do we get started?

While a referral from your child's care provider is welcome, it is not required. Classes are available for any child between the ages of 2 and 18 years old who has delay in speech or other language skills.

The Pediatric Speech and Language Program is 12 weeks, with each class lasting one hour. Classes are offered throughout the year.

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