Medical Education

The first and most lasting impression that our medical residents and medical students have about Gundersen Medical Foundation's medical education program is that our staff love to teach. Most staff come to Gundersen because of the opportunity and privilege of working with doctors in training. Our medical and dental staff of more than 450 represents nearly every specialty and serves a 19-county region in western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa.

Gundersen is one of the nation's premier community-based academic health centers. We offer fully accredited medical residency programs in:

Our medical residency programs offer a balance of primary, tertiary, inpatient and outpatient medicine. Likewise, our medical fellowships provide a rich educational experience, both clinically and academically:

Our postgraduate medical education programs have sufficient flexibility to allow us to tailor our training programs to best meet your educational needs and goals.

Gundersen serves as the Western Academic Campus for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (UW-SMPH). Not only do we teach medical students enrolled in the traditional medical education program, but we serve as a training site for medical students enrolled in the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM), an exciting new program sponsored by the UW-SMPH.

Greg Thompson, MD
Director of Medical Education
Gundersen Medical Foundation

As both a teaching and research facility, we provide access to cutting-edge medical knowledge and state-of-the art clinical care for the Tri-state Region. Our physicians, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, and counselors are all teachers — who enthusiastically share their expertise with resident and student doctors, student nurses and other health professional students. Our commitment to medical education helps our staff keep their knowledge and skills razor sharp!

We view teaching as an opportunity to influence the next generation of practitioners and to constantly improve the quality of patient care. This philosophy translates into a superb learning environment in:

  • Patient rooms
  • The operating room
  • Resident continuity clinics
  • Hallway consultations
  • Journal clubs
  • Formal lectures and conferences

In addition, Gundersen is a founding partner of the La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium, an alliance of La Crosse health and education institutions that was created to develop educational and research programs in the health sciences. For example, the alliance has resulted in development and support of a physician assistant training program and master's degree program in microbiology.

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