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  • Gundersen flu shot clinics are now open'

    When do I seek treatment for influenza like illness?

    Antiviral medications provide some benefit if used within the first 48 hours of symptoms. Routine use of antivirals is generally not advised unless there is a risk of severe illness or there is close contact with individuals at high risk for influenza complications.

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  • How to handle holiday overload

    How to handle holiday overload

    During the holiday season, many people experience stress spurred by high expectations and excessive demands. That kind of stress, sustained over a period of time, can negatively affect your health.

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  • What is the glycemic index anyways?

    What is the glycemic index anyways?

    You may have heard claims about using the glycemic index of foods for weight control or to control blood sugars. What is the glycemic index and is it beneficial?

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  • Logan Kelm, Hospital Hero, becomes 2019 CMN National Champion

    Logan Kelm, Hospital Hero, becomes 2019 CMN National Champion

    We’re excited to announce that our very own Logan Kelm will become 2019 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals national champion!

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Watch out, the pumpkin pie trees are in bloom!

People tend to overeat over the holidays. This is a common thread I hear from my patients this time of year. "What do I do when there are office holiday parties?" "What do I eat at my family's holiday celebration?" "How do I keep myself from eating all my kids' leftover Halloween candy?"

Staff practiced Love+Medicine for over three decades of son's care PATIENT STORY

Staff practiced Love+Medicine for over three decades of son's care

Each of the Gundersen Health System surgeons, providers, nurses and others who saw Matt through 17 surgeries and hundreds of appointments in his lifetime treated him as a person – not just a patient.

How to cook pumpkin and squash EAT

How to cook pumpkin and squash

"I was certainly surprised when I cooked pumpkin for the first time and actually enjoyed it. You see, I've never been a fan of pumpkin-flavored foods, but when I learned of using pumpkin on a pizza I was intrigued." Jill Johnson Henscheid, CD, RD, Gundersen Nutrition Therapy, explains.

5 tips for healthier skin all year long BE WELL

5 tips for healthier skin all year long

Even when it's cool or cloudy, a significant amount of UV rays reach your skin. Although UVB radiation decreases as winter approaches, the amount of UVA radiation is still high. Both types of radiation contribute to skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

A new 'angle' on life after oral cancer

For Tom, being surrounded by a supportive community is important. It's one of the reasons he chose to receive treatment at Gundersen Health System's Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders when faced with oral cancer several years ago.

Adverse childhood experiences-(ACEs) NEWS

Adverse childhood experiences-(ACEs)

As a healthcare organization committed to Enriching Every Life, we have a responsibility to understand and address the impact of adverse childhood experiences within the context of patient experience and care across the lifespan. That's why Gundersen Health System has identified ACEs and trauma informed care (TIC) as a Population Health strategic priority in 2018.

Maple walnuts recipe

Everyone loves a delicious holiday snack! Combine walnuts, maple syrup and salt in a medium pan. Stir over medium heat until the maple syrup becomes thick and coats the walnuts, about 10 minutes.

Seasonal veggies recipe

Try out this nutrient dense dish as a twist to your traditional holiday sides this year. This dish is packed with delicious veggies that will help you on your quest to meeting your daily vegetable requirements. It is also a remarkable source of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega-3 fatty acids which all play an important role in the health of your heart.

Upcoming Events

  • Dec
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Gundersen Partners invites you to make a commemoration to honor special people in your life, past and present, with a Love Light recognition.
  • Dec
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    The Brain Injury Support Group is for people 16 years and older with brain injuries and their friends and family members.
  • Dec
    5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
    To help families maintain long-term changes, the Family LEAP Program offers group follow-up visits.
  • Dec
    5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    If you are considering breastfeeding, this class will be very informative in helping you to make that decision.

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