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Published on November 02, 2017

Gundersen St. Joseph’s wishes you a good night

Gundersen St. Joseph's wishes you a good night

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night feels like an unachievable goal for many adults. That's why Gundersen St. Joseph's Hospital and Clinics is launching a new, at-home sleep study program for patients.

The new program is made possible through a new piece of technology, ApneaLink Air™ by ResMed, which provides performance and reliability in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use home sleep testing device.  Apnea Link Air is a four-channel, type 3 sleep study that can diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, hypopneas, snoring. In order to diagnose insomnia, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome you would need an evaluation in the sleep center (office visit) and in some cases an in laboratory polysomnogram (sleep study).

"This new product allows us to get an accurate picture of what is happening when an individual is sleeping in their own bed," says Lisa Harris, respiratory therapist at Gundersen St. Joseph's. "People's sleep can be disrupted by small things like not being in their own bed, own room and so on, so this new at-home program is a real step forward and has benefits over hospital based programs."

After a consultation and demonstration at Gundersen St. Joseph's, the at-home sleep study kit is sent home with the patient who answers a pre-sleep study questionnaire about their sleep patterns. The patient then follows simple instructions to set up the ApneaLink Air™ which boasts intuitive, one-touch operation. In the morning, the patient simply completes the post-sleep questionnaire and returns the kit to the hospital where the data is downloaded for analysis by a sleep specialist.

For more information on sleep studies and how it may benefit you, call (608) 489-8000 to make an appointment with your provider.

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