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Winning Weighs

Winning Weighs®

Gundersen's Winning Weighs® program gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence for a healthy lifestyle. Learn to reject the diet mentality and establish a healthy relationship with food. Improve your energy, manage weight-related health conditions and lose weight too.

This positive, realistic weight loss approach was developed by Gundersen registered dietitians who provide support, motivation and accountability to help you achieve long-term results.

During Winning Weighs, learn to:

  • Develop healthy, mindful eating behaviors
  • Manage unhealthy eating behaviors
  • Plan and cook satisfying meals
  • Make smart restaurant choices
  • Determine healthy portion sizes
  • Recognize hunger and fullness cues
  • Manage set-backs

Winning Weighs runs once a week for 14 consecutive weeks to provide ongoing support and accountability.

The program includes:

  1. 14 class sessions
  2. Program workbook and comprehensive resources
  3. Support and accountability
  4. Convenient office hours before and after class

In addition to the core Winning Weighs program, our registered dietitians also offer tailored programs including:

Characteristics of successful participants: sick of dieting, restricting and feeling guilty for eating pleasurable foods; ready for a lifestyle change and help with long-term goals. Though weight loss is important, health is the primary focus.

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