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Metabolism Testing

Have you had a family member or friend lose weight successfully but when you try their weight loss plan, you just can't shed the pounds? There is probably a good explanation for this. Losing weight is not "one-size fits all." Every person has different calorie needs and you can't tell just by looking at someone (or by their weight) how many calories they need.

Metabolism is complex. Your metabolic rate is dependent on many factors: age, height, weight, sex, genetics, activity level, dieting or restrictive eating history, amount and types of food consumed, etc.

Gundersen registered dietitians are using the ReeVue® Indirect Calorimeter. It's a machine that tests resting metabolic rate (RMR) or metabolism and helps patients figure out the number of calories their bodies need to maintain their current body weight or to lose weight if appropriate. The technology can also be used to monitor calorie intake for mothers-to-be, those active in sports and patients undergoing bariatric surgery (both pre and post-operatively).

The test is simple. You will be seated in a comfortable position and breathe in and out of a tube for 10-20 minutes. The tube has a one-way valve that allows air from the room to be breathed in and exhaled breath to pass through the tubing and into the machine. The machine calculates the amount of oxygen consumed in that period of time and produces the numbers needed to identify calorie levels.

The test can be billed through insurance and many insurance plans cover this service. Please check with your insurance provider for details.

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