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Here are some options for treating headache:

Primary care provider

  • Your primary care provider is a partner in managing your overall health and well-being. If you are experiencing headaches, your primary care provider is the best place to begin. He or she will do an exam, review your medical history and recommend a treatment plan, which may include one or more options below. If you need to establish care with a primary care provider, we can help.
  • Perhaps, your primary care provider already recommended a treatment approach that was not as effective as you both had anticipated. Don’t give up hope. Chronic pain management sometimes requires a combination of treatment options.

Chiropractic care

  • Our chiropractic team is experienced in relieving headaches safely and efficiently, always with the goal of improving segmental motion and alleviating painful symptoms. Because there are a variety of reasons you may be experiencing headaches, our experts begin with a thorough examination to make sure chiropractic care is an appropriate method for treating your headaches.
  • If it is, there are a variety of noninvasive, manual manipulation techniques that your provider may use to start you on the road to better health and fewer headaches. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, our experts may also recommend a collaborative approach to your care (e.g., referring you to the Integrative Medicine Center for massage therapy to help reduce stress related to tension headaches or another department).

Physical therapy

  • Physical therapy can help reduce your headaches and the need for long-term use of prescription medication. Our physical therapists will begin with an evaluation of the muscle, joint and nerve function in your spine and upper back/shoulder region. They may also evaluate your jaw movement. They will develop a treatment plan using techniques to reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.
  • Treatment may include:
    • Manual therapy to increase mobility of your spine and shoulder, or to address trigger points or areas of tension in the spine.
    • Exercise and movement instruction for optimal spine positioning to address headache symptoms.
    • Education on relaxation, breathing and position.
    • Dry needling and/or electrical stimulation to decrease pain and improve mobility.
  • Many of our physical therapists have advanced specialty certification in orthopedics, sports medicine, scoliosis and vestibular therapy—giving patients with chronic headaches unparalleled expertise.
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