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After Pregnancy

The arrival of a new baby brings changes for you and everyone in your family. As soon as you bring your new daughter or son home, you may find you have questions. Questions about breastfeeding, in particular, are very common. Do not be afraid to ask for help once you are home. Most problems can be easily treated or solved with help from our certified lactation consultants, nurses who specialize in breastfeeding.

Remember, this is a common time for learning and needing to make adjustments. The key is to be easy on yourself and other family members as you settle in to your new life with an expanded family.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, or are experiencing extreme sadness, anxiety or tiredness, contact your primary care provider, a friend or family member, or call Great Rivers 2-1-1. If you're unable to care for your newborn, Gundersen has a program called Safe Place for Newborns.

Looking for more? Be sure to reference our pregnancy e-books and app.

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