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Child & Adolescent Headache Clinic

Does your teenage child suffer with frequent headaches or migraines? Talk with your primary care provider about a referral to Gundersen's Child and Adolescent Headache Clinic if headaches and migraines are:

  • Difficult to manage
  • Causing a lot of missed school and/or falling grades
  • Interfering with extracurricular activities, social life and family life

For comprehensive care, we take a team approach:

  • Pediatric neurologist or nurse practitioner takes a history and performs an examination.
  • Pediatric behavioral health psychologist does an evaluation for emotional causes or results of the headaches.
  • Registered dietitian reviews the importance of good nutrition and hydration, and avoiding headache triggers such as caffeine and concentrated sweets.
  • Pediatric neurology nurse discusses the impact of exercise, sleep habits, activities and screen time. Then they review the team's assessment and plan.

Your child meets with each member of the team in a single visit. Depending on the findings, further testing may be required.

Treatment may include:

  • Medications to prevent headaches or to take when headaches occur
  • Diet, sleep and other lifestyle modifications
  • Counseling
  • Our special five-week group program which meets to discuss headache causes and prevention, peer support, relationships and stress management to help manage headaches

Sometimes headaches are so ingrained it can take a while to turn things around. After the first visit, there's a follow-up phone call. We recommend a follow-up clinic visit in six to eight weeks to see if treatment is helping and to make adjustments if needed. Your child is seen again at three months and then every three to six months as needed.

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