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Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries are most commonly overuse injuries caused by athletic activities such as swimming, tennis or weight lifting that involves excessive, repetitive motion. People can also suffer injury doing tasks around the house or from a fall.

Gundersen has orthopedic surgeons specially trained to diagnose and treat shoulder injuries.

Some of the most common shoulder problems include:

Surgery may be needed to treat a shoulder injury, but whenever possible Gundersen orthopedic surgeons treat them with more conservative options such as:

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation)
  • Medicines to reduce pain and swelling
  • Physical therapy
  • Avoiding certain activities
  • Pain injections

If surgery is needed, some of the most common surgeries performed at Gundersen include:

  • Match Point System™: preoperative planning technology used for total shoulder replacement surgery. It allows the surgeon to precisely fit and place the shoulder prosthesis, based on a patient's unique anatomy.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy: Small camera is used to repair tissue in and around the shoulder
  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF): Surgically repairing a fractured bone
  • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: Uses small, button-hole sized incisions
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