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Orthotics & Prosthetics

Gundersen's board certified practitioners evaluate and fit children and adults with orthotic and prosthetic devices for all types of disabilities and traumatic injuries. Our experts provide the highest quality of orthotic and prosthetic care to ensure the ultimate in support, protection and mobility to perform daily activities.

The orthotics and prosthetics staff work with physicians throughout western Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa to provide patients with custom, ready-made orthotic and prosthetic services.

Orthoses we offer

  • Knee braces for arthritic pain management and sports injuries
  • Spinal supports for back pain, scoliosis and spinal injuries
  • Leg braces for all types of injuries and diagnoses
  • Cranial helmets for plagiocephaly and traumas
  • Other area exclusives including:
    • SureStep pediatric foot orthoses
    • STARband remolding helmet
    • Charleston Bending Brace for nocturnal treatment of scoliosis
    • WalkAide functional e-stim device
    • OWLs lower extremity wound healing system

Prostheses we offer

All prosthetic devices are custom fabricated for each patient.

  • Above knee prostheses
  • Below knee prostheses
  • Hip prostheses
  • Partial foot prostheses
  • Computerized knees
  • All upper extremity prostheses including myoelectric hand

Patients are accepted by referral, but we are happy to make an orthotic or prosthetic recommendation prior to your visit.

Financial counselors are available to patients if needed to further discuss the payment process for devices and services.

Orthotics is a department of Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center.

Love + Medicine

Every day, Gundersen Health System staff deliver great medicine plus a little something extra—we call it Love + Medicine.

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